Aurora Frontline Aid aims to fill the individual frontline unit’s immediate combat needs. We focuse on drones, electronic warfare material and other high-tech equipment and skills/training. 

The organization’s members have very diverse background. What we have in common is the commitment to Ukrainian victory. The team members have worked together since at least early 2023, some of us since early 2022.

Board of Directors

Tord Strømdal, Founder

Tord is project manager and enterprise architect by trade, originally from Norway, now living in Sweden. He has been heavily invested in the defense of Ukraine since the full-scale invasion started in February 2022.

Tord co-founded the Swedish aid organization Blågula Bilen, co-founded the organization DEMINE Foundation, and he is on the board of directors for the organization Prevail Together.

Tord is the Founder of Aurora Frontline Aid.

Lee Lambert, Co-founder

Lee is the primary frontline resource of Aurora, collaborating with volunteers representing many different organizations.

Lee has been on the ground in Ukraine as a volunteer to and from since March 2022. Initially, he did mostly humanitarian evacuations, delivering supplies to isolated areas near the frontlines, etc. but transitioned to mostly supporting military units.

Read more about Lee’s work in Ukraine here.

Leif Nixon, Co-founder

Nixon is a well-known profile within the sector of information security in Sweden. 

Working with cyber security, securing IT and telecommunications networks and protecting critical infrastructure, Nixon has been working with the issue of Russia and hybrid warfare for many years. 

Johan Felixsson, Co-founder

Felixsson has been involved in Ukraine aid since May 2022 as one of the first volunteer members of Blågula Bilen.

He has a background in military export control and military development projects, including aviation platform R&D.

Felixsson likes cats, swing dance and high explosives, and passionately hates Nissan Navara.


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